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Walking Dead Wednesday: Miles Behind Us Campaign

With my Miles Behind Us expansion complete, I’ve decided to log in the full narrative campaign.  I’ll be using the Story Mode rules and participants required for each scenario but will use the expanded “Life and Death” rules from the Advanced Rules – Campaign Play. The only modification to that final rule is that if the survivor is a casualty and rises again as a walker, the survivor has also permanently died and will be considered removed from future scenarios. As always, I’ll be using my hardcore solo rules as well.

I’ve already got my first game in the bag but I’d like to switch things up a bit on my reports and go back to my comic book style format.  These won’t be as “immersive” and I’ll limit each scenario to 6 pages but it’ll be nice to make some comics again.  It will also help differentiate these reports from several of the same sessions I’ve already reported on.  Comic session reports do take a bit longer to complete but I hope to have the first session done by next week.


The Walking Dead: All Out War Checklist


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  1. Russ Spears

    Hi, long time reader, oft commenter.

    Bring on the comics, buddy! Always worth the wait in the past.

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