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Dropzone Commander: Typhoons Reporting for Duty

Even with the busy week, I was able to burn through my painting regiment to finish up my new Dropzone Commander Typhoons.

As with all my Resistance Army, they never can really find matching anything.  The most common is usually a black urban paint scheme but this time I opted for a desert themed scheme for one of the Typhoons.

I really rushed through these and it caused some issues with paint flecking. The weather also turned so the lower temperatures may have messed with the setting up of the primers too.

Overall, I’m happy with them.  They are painted and will go in my army this Sunday and will word for tabletop use.

I’m still debating on my actual list.  I think I’m set on this list:

My concern is it doesn’t have enough anti-air and it doesn’t max out the activation groups.  The lack of anti-air might not be that big of a problem since we’re playing a pretty small game (999 point Skirmish) but still, I’d like to have a little more balance.  Instead, I have a lot of anti-tank, some building demo, and a ton of squads.  The Fighters are pretty much a staple for most Resistance lists but I also have a group of fast-flying Berserkers with a Skulltaker for support and a group of Freeriders.

It should be a fun time regardless and I’ll plan on writing up how it went sometime next week.


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Dropzone Commander: 2017 Winter Campaign

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  1. Sean Gewecke

    I know nothing about the game, but I like those models and the paint job turned out well.

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