Back in January, I talked about tinting tokens for a couple of projects and finally had time to finish them up.  When I finished the tokens for my Rum & Bones tokens, they looked a little bland with the bright white sides.


Grabbing some different colored permanent sharpies from a hobby store, I was able to dress up the tokens a bit better.




I also am starting to finish up my Assault on Hoth project after finally sourcing a good printer for a 24×36 poster- needed for the game board.  After checking some of my usual print sources, I found Artscow only has canvas in that size, Walmart only goes to 20×30, and FedEx Office (formerly Kinkos) wanted over $60.  I went back to Printer Studio who I used for some custom cards for Rum & Bones with mixed results.  We’ll see how the print comes out but I’m hopeful it will do fine.

Having secured that board print, I decided to start finishing up the other components and that starts with finalizing the tokens.  I’d already designed the token images and punched them out but the final images didn’t come out with the resolution I had hoped for and they all look very similar.

token close

To help differentiate them, I decided to tint them to help limit confusion while playing the game.



I’m satisfied that the different shaped tokens and colors (black for the Imperial and red for the Rebellion) will keep the two factions apart but the slight differences between the two units within the factions (light troopers vs heavy troopers) might still be hard to tell apart.  I’ll know better when I put them on the board (when that arrives in a couple of weeks).