I recently spent some time painting up something besides my black and white Walking Dead collection (shocking, I know).  I talked earlier about receiving Championship Formula Racing (CFR) and my 1976 F1 cars from Shapeways and I decided to start painting them up.

Before I get into that though, I also picked up a game I’ve had my eye on for a while now. This game also deals with racing but of a completely different era: Chariot Race by Eagle-Gryphon Games.

Chariot Race is a light game of, well, chariot racing and while the components are a bit lacking with standee chariots and flimsy player boards, the game seemed fun and can work as a nice filler or evening-ender.

The standees just weren’t doing it so I found out about Irregular Miniatures, a UK-based miniature producer and found this awesome little 6mm chariot racers.  Not only were they a great fit but Irregular Miniatures offers painting services at very reasonable prices so I jumped at the chance to not have to try to paint up these super small minis.

Ian and his team did a great job and I’m glad I finally have the game to show off his great work.

Back to my own painting, I had some fun getting back into color painting and started working on my 1976 series F1 cars.  I’m using ideas from some of the stock photos of these cars as well as BGG User, Ghost95, for his excellent work on these models.

I haven’t done any numbering yet so they aren’t technically finished for me but they are basically done. My game of CFR has enough components for 8 drivers/bots so I’ll probably do another five cars to complete my set and work up more cars if more driver decks are released for the game.

Damn these guys are tiny though. Those are standard 3.5 inch construction nails those cars are mounted on and the aren’t even as wide as the nail head.  Going this small does mean that the crappy craft store acrylics I use really show their limitations, especially when photographed from so close but I’m happy with the start of these.

And they look great on the track as well.

I was also able to throw Santorini down onto the table this weekend before we got into some heavier games.

I went 1 for 3 in a quick set of two player games (no God powers).  I don’t think I’ve developed any sort of rhythm with this game yet but I plan on putting it to the table as often as I can to get a better feel for the game.  Sadly, Inis and Rum & Bones: Second Tide didn’t hold as well as I’d hoped and Santorini was the highlight of the evening.