As I mentioned in my Lurker post, I picked up a second Rick on Horse set on accident so I’ve been looking at what to do with the extra miniatures. Since I found a nice use of the extra duplicate walker, I decided I should do something with the extra Rick figure too.

Checking out some of the upcoming expansions, I saw the retail booster of Ezekiel and his tiger, Shiva.

One thing that caught my attention (after the awesomeness of Shiva and some cool new equipment cards) was the concept of playing an animal as a survivor.

I decided to make a separate “horse” miniature for the game that you can play as a functional survivor. The booster pack already comes with a horse equipment card so I would use the mechanics of that to make the rules.  First, however, I wanted to make the horse miniature.

I started out trying to cut off the glued on Rick figure but found it less destructive to push Rick back and forth on the horse until the glue broke and I could just pull him off.

Next, it was really easy to use greenstuff to fill the hole and smooth it over.

Then all that was left was to paint it up.

I don’t keep notes on the specific shades I use to paint but it would have been really helpful making this doppleganger horse.

And finally, I made up a survivor card for the horse based mostly on what the equipment card has and then extrapolating the stats based on the custom survivor creation rules in the back of the Days Gone Bye expansion.  This got everything to 20 points, just like the equipment card.  I can’t read the low quality image of Shiva’s card but it looks like there is some kind of “beast” or “animal” trait that forbids the animal to manipulate thing or reduce the threat counter. Even if it doesn’t, it seems to make sense that the action pool will be limited on an animal.

I removed the gear slots just like Shiva’s card but left the Pack slots. This works similar to the equipment card’s own rule on allowing you to attach items to it to simulate thing being stored on the animal.  I haven’t tested anything on these rules but will hopefully give them a run soon enough.

Now I just have to figure out what to do with the Rick figure.