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Moving Ever Onward

My posts recently have dropped off of late but I’m still kicking around. We’re in the process of a complicated and long move which has left little time to post. Things are going well, just very busy and most of my game/hobby material are packed up. I did, however keep some “essentials” out and ready, including my Infinity figures, which allowed me to get in a game near my new locale down in south Texas.

I was trolling around the interwebs to see what the Infinity scene is around here and stumbled on this great Texas-based resource, Infinity Texas. It covers the major metro areas in Texas and talks about current groups, Facebook pages, and local store offerings. The site helped me navigate to some players in the local scene, including the site’s manager, Troy.

The Austin group had a game day set up this past Sunday at a local shop, Emerald Tavern Games & Cafe. The place was nice and open, separating the wargamers from the board gamers and allowing drink/food ordering at the table. Unlike a lot of QR code menu offerings I’ve encountered lately, this one actually worked and Emerald Tavern made it seamless.

There was just enough of us to play 2 tables simultaneously. I got a game in with Troy, pitting my Invincible Army against his O-12. My list was a variation on something I wanted to try out using as many of my “Invincible” Zuyong troops as possible.

The game was great and had a few momentum swings as I tried to fend off the O-12s advances. Eventually, my armor held and I was able to take down some of the O-12’s critical troops and march in on the objectives. A desperate last push by the O-12 tried to unseat me from those objectives but fell short and Yu Jing Invincibles ruled the day.

It was a great time and a nice reprieve from all the chaos of the ongoing move. I will dearly miss my Colorado family but it is good to see that good gamers are truly everywhere.

Speaking of Colorado, I’ll be back up there in early August to finish off some more of this ongoing move. I look forward to getting in some more goodbyes that I ran out of time for or scheduling issues messed up. And I still have a ton of frequent flyer points stacked up so I hope to make the trip back pretty often, making good on the promise that this isn’t “goodbye” but rather “see you later!”


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  1. Russ Spears

    Texas? But Reese… and Colton…. CabinCon Moose…

    In case you haven’t already thought about it, you’ll likely have to tweak your painting methods from CO weather. To this day I remember visiting an aunt in Ft Worth (granted, it was the 20th century) during summer vacation and going to get an ice cream cone while seeing a bank time & temp sign show it was 104 degrees. So, welcome to the south!

    Looking forward to what you’ve got going on next.

    • Christian

      I know. I Know. It is brutal leaving them. Part of me is in denial (even though I’ve known about the move for a year) and the other remains optimistic that I’ll still have the freedom to come back often. The moose though… they’re still out there waiting for me.

      I’m interested in see what the different climate does and I’m sure I’ll write about it once I can get back in that groove. It’s definitely hotter and we’re not even into the really hot month yet. I can feel the warm southern welcome already.

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