Even though a joke, I kind of wish I could have painted up my whole force that way. Alas, this was just photoshop and some pirated logo images. I am pleased with how my latest force of Invincibles have come out. I’ve now an army of these stalwart warriors at my beck and call.

This is the same technique I used on my Zuyong HMG posted earlier. Airbrush blending and then detailing to bring out the bits and non-armor pieces felt like a bit more work in the end. This is due to the requirement to edge highlight. Without that, the pieces and shading just seemed too flat.

The smaller women warriors took a little less time as there was less to highlight and their details were smaller.

The big missile launcher specialist had a bit more detail but not near as much as the imposing Yan Huo.

I had to complete the Yan Huo in stages as those mounted missile launchers would have wrecked the airbrushing. I decided to try something new where I drilled out the barrels of these weapons. I’d heard of 40k players doing it and wanted to see if it would create a better effect. I’m not really seeing it so I’ll leave it just to this model.

With these guys complete, it also completes all my Invincibles (the units with Invincible in their name, not all the units of the sectorial).

It would be awesome to see all ten of these guys in a list but it’d run a bit over the usual 300 point game. So instead, I cooked up this little disaster:

This seems like a rough list to play and would likely get eaten alive by most anything since it is really just a bunch of hackable heavy hitters. It does have some defense with both the fireteams capable of having a powerful tinbot. There is also some flexibility where they both can have an NCO. The list does have 18 wounds (and more if the HMG regenerates) so maybe it can have some staying power but without any way to see through anything, camo and smoke will also eat it alive. Still, it could be fun.