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With Infinity N4 hitting the tent table regularly, I decided to make a little player aid. Infinity line of fire is your “from the model’s perspective” style game but like several miniatures games, they don’t want to penalize players for having odd models. All minis have an assumed volume based on their base size so that the company and the player can model their figures any way they want.

The game comes with cardboard templates and we’ve tried using them but they seem awkward in an already awkward situation. To improve on this, I 3D printed a set of cylinders to match the assumed volumes in the game.

Nothing fancy. Just some cylinders to work for all the base options (seven normally). I didn’t want to waste a lot of space so I also made them nest like Russian nesting dolls.

To work in-game, you would just replace the model with the cylinder and can use a laser pointer to check if the two figures have line of fire. I printed up a second set for Sean so that we’d have what we needed for our games.

I started with the smallest (S1 and S2) bases.

The S2 is likely the most common one that we’ll need and then the bigger S5. But first there are the “remote” size silhouettes, S3 and S4.

Next is the more common S5 for your bigger heavy armor infantry.

The next one is a bit awkward. The S6 is reserved for smaller TAGs or really big heavy infantry units. It has the same base size but is just 10mm taller. I didn’t want to print another cylinder for it so instead I made a 10mm tall “lid” for the S5 silhouette.

I currently don’t own any model with that size (yet) but the lid type works great and cuts down the space. Finally, we have the S7 silhouette that is used for almost all the regular TAGs.

Since I customized my base for special effects, this cylinder works very well to give the realistic height of what my TAG should be at.

All-in-all a very simple 3D build and I hope to see it get some good use.


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  1. Sean

    I really like using those cylinders. They are a very useful tool. Great job on those Chris!

    • Christian

      Thanks! Those are coming in handy in our last few games.

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