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In the middle of last year, I was pretty excited about Infinity TAGs (the large mechs of the Infinity Universe). I went so far as to put them all up in a running catalog post (which I recently updated with some of the missing pics). Flash forward to earlier today and Corvus Belli announced a teaser for their next board game venture:

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Infinity N4: ISS Versus Varuna

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With Infinity N4 hitting the tent table regularly, I decided to make a little player aid. Infinity line of fire is your “from the model’s perspective” style game but like several miniatures games, they don’t want to penalize players for having odd models. All minis have an assumed volume based on their base size so that the company and the player can model their figures any way they want.

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Infinity N4: First Game

With CodeOne shelved for now, we turn our eyes to Infinity N4, the latest rule set from Corvus Belli. We started out with a smaller 200 point game to keep our game time efficient but still allow for a large enough board.

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