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Month: November 2016

Showcase: Terror in Meeple City (Rampage)


I’ve always been a fan of dexterity games and so when I saw Repos Production‘s over-sized new monster smash up dexterity game, Rampage, at Gen Con in 2013, I knew I had to have it.

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Ah yes, earlier this week my KS copy of The Walking Dead: All Out War came in.  All things told, it came in pretty good shape for the way it was packed (I’ve been reading some horror stories on the KS campaign page but it also sounds like Mantic is taking care of those issues pretty quickly).

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Terrain Without Color

This week I worked a bit more on my Walking Dead terrain, specifically the game board.  As I discussed in my paper terrain post, I prefer terrain that is quick, usable, and easily stored.  Taking my Walking Dead game into the monochromatic world of black and white (b/w) makes printable paper terrain even easier. Also, painting a full game board in b/w seems too tedious for me. It can be done to great effect, however. Just check out this thread on coolminiornot.com and or this one on lead-adventures.de.

from user vikotnik on lead-adventures.de

from user vikotnik on lead-adventures.de

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Slowing things down

My Walking Dead miniatures game didn’t arrive this week so I decided to take a break from some of my ongoing projects and focus on a little side project I’ve been wanting to wrap up. I’ve been fascinated with slow motion option on my iPhone for a while now and after messing around with Pretzel GamesFlick ’em Up!, I found a great subject to try out this feature.

Initially, I tried out a little sample video but quickly realized I had a big issue: light flicker.

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