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Walking Dead Wednesday: Doors And Barrels

I know this month has been spammed with my short painting sprints everyday but it’s not just paint, sometimes I ink too.

I printed up some 3D barrels for Here’s Negan, the Walking Dead semi-co-op board game from Manticore Games. I’m still liking my high contrast “Inked!” style and the 3D prints came out well.

Along with the Barrels, I also picked up some doors from thingiverse. They also came out well and inked up easily.

I haven’t put them on the boards yet to see how the look but with solo gaming all the rage these days, I’m sure it will hit the table soon.


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  1. Russ Spears

    I’d half-forgotten inked Here’s Negan. Those doors came out really nice.

    • Christian

      Thanks! I had almost forgotten them too until I had to move them around on my work table.

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