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Gen Con 50 Dropzone 2.0 Beta Rules

At Gen Con 50, we were able to talk to the Hawk team and get a rough idea of the major changes coming to Dropzone 2.0.  These rules are still in beta so may change and are mainly from my notes so I may have missed or misinterpreted them:

  • Dropships are not tied to units period. As long as the unit could be carried by the dropship, you don’t need to assign it to a specific unit. APCs work the same way.
  • Non-AA vehicles dropped by a dropship can fire with a penalty on the same turn.
  • All units not in a dropship start in reserve. Reserve units enter play on turn two.
  • Only units with demo can deal double damage on hits against buildings. Falling masonry damage only triggers on damage rolls +2 over the target roll.
  • Searching buildings starts the roll with target 6, then the target value gains -1 if you have an APC near the building, -1 if you are the occupier (entered building first), and -1 if the building is small sized. The target never decreases during additional rounds.
  • Infantry units searching have -3 CQB in combat, infantry units at the windows  have -3 CQB but the effects are not cumulative. APC units add 3 CQB if within an inch of the building
  • Enemy units may also attempt to search in buildings.
  • Skimmers and hovercraft always get there bonus regardless of travel distance.
  • Aircraft height is located at the top of their peg, not an imaginary point 6″ above the play surface. And no more aircraft going “to the deck.” (Thanks to the Dropzone Commander Colorado Facebook page and Colton!)

That’s all I have from my notes.  If you have info or clarifications, let me know in the comments!

edit: I just saw that Hawk posted some general concepts of the 2.0 changes on their site: Gen Con Sneak Peek: Dropzone Commander 2nd Edition

Gen Con 50 Post Script

So we’re in the Indy Airport, Granite City and Gen Con is over. I was obviously way too busy to keep up with the blog but I have a lot of notes ready and will try to get them out in the next week or so.

It was a spectacular Con and I’m excited to work on my events for next year.

Gen Con 50 Recap Day 0

With a lot of the drudgery of travel out of the way, I was able to get my badge and event tickets in record time. Even though the line was about 300 people deep, the extra support staff hired for the event this year got us through the will-call line in about 20 minutes.

Since there was nothing left to do at Gen Con proper, we used the rest of Wednesday to pickup some snacks, check out our new hotel downtown, and stop by our favorite liquor store. I never remember the name so I’ll have to look it up later but it has an amazing vault converted from and old bank vault.

We ended up getting a Makers Private select that we are thoroughly enjoying. At 112 proof, this bottle isn’t messing around.

Contrary to the prevailing wisdom, you can play games at Gen Con. We ended the night with a run through of Tiny Epic Western.

I recently tried out Tiny Epic Quest as well and feel like Western is on par with Quest. The theme is present and there are a lot of things to consider. As with most of the Tiny Epic series, there is a fair amount of luck in the game which can be a downer as the game runs about ninety minutes or more.

The bullet dice are quite fun though.

Gen Con Bound and Arrival

Gen Con prep this year was a bit time consuming but I was able to get through it before we left on Tuesday. This was the first time we left early but the flight prices were so much cheaper even with an extra hotel night that we decided to come out early.

After a 3 hour flight delay and some hotel hijinks, we got in bed at 3am. Luckily, we had a ton of drink tickets so a double scotch helped move things along.

When we got to the hotel, things were very deja vu as I saw a Waffle House right outside. After trying to convince my friends that we’d been here before, I realized that they weren’t with me last time I stayed here as it was the very first Gen Con I attended 12 years ago.  As nice as the trip down memory lane was, I am very glad that this was just a late night stopover and we will move on to downtown and markedly better accommodations.

This year I’m going to try to keep up with my recaps of the convention during the Con so updates will be coming as I have time.

CabinCon Prep: Tiny Ass Numbers on Tiny Ass Cars

With CabinCon (our yearly friend meet-up where we catch up and play games up in the mountains) starting Wednesday, there are few things I want to get done before I leave so today was a major prep day.

One thing I want to host this year is a Championship Formula Racing mini cup, a “CabinCon Cup,” if you will.  This will be two or three races with point scoring to determine the overall winner.  I picked up a set of 1957 F1 cars on Shapeways to serve as each player’s cars and as is our custom for CabinCon, these will be given away to each player along with whatever placement prize they achieve during the CabinCon Cup.

After painting a set of the cars up, I wanted to work on the “trophy” stands that will also serve as prizes for the event.

This is a pretty simple stand with a little wooden bit at the bottom and a dowel post at the top, which will support the car.  Magnets for the post and the cars will make it so the cars stay on the stand and can be interchangeable.

So here we have the concept all primed up.  I then had to drill into the cars to magnetize them.  This always sucks but I’ve gotten used to it after all the Dropzone Commander that I’ve magnetized.

Just make sure to mark the magnets for polarity so that everything lines up at the end.

Next came the painting of the actual cars.  Unlike my last set of painted Formula 1 cars, I used google image search more for inspiration rather than trying to find the actual car color schemes.

The 1957 formula 1 cars are pretty conservative on detail which made painting them up pretty quick.  I decided to enhance that detail by adding numbers this time.  Not sure how soon I’ll be doing that again though.  It is really time-consuming and a bit nerve-wracking.  I’m pretty happy with the results but it’s not something I want to jump back into tomorrow. Luckily, I don’t have to as I’m all done with the cars.

Now to complete the trophy stands.

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