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More Terraining

I actually meant to dovetail this with my last post but didn’t have time. The other terrain I was able to complete was for my Old West setting. I showed a few of these during my ongoing paint challenge but was able to take a few more shots to show it all off.

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Terraining The Days Away

As my “consecutive days painting” rolls on, I put it to good use by getting through some terrain projects I’ve been brewing for a while. First up is my Warcry (Fauxcry) starter set terrain.

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More Loopin’ Chewie Testing

Gen Con Online is this week and we have been testing and perfecting the remote experience to fine tune the experience. In early July we had gotten things to a stable state that included separate control boards for each paddle. This helped to make sure that command responses were tied to the specific paddle you were playing with and would not be hung up by the board trying to sequence multiple inputs at one time.

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Gen Con Online

Today Gen Con Online’s event registration goes live and while there are a lot less events this year, I was able to throw my hat in the ring to keep a Gen Con tradition alive: Remote Loopin’ Chewie!

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Paint Challenge: Day 4*

Day 4? I know it’s weird but stay with me. I was thinking about this challenge and I may have jumped in a little premature without forming a reason to do it. I have the reason and a new goal but first, the mini of the day.

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July Paint Challenge: Day 7

First week of this Paint Challenge down and I have four of my cowboys done. They even get some banner time with a new photo I shot. Tonight I meant to start up on another figure but I spent most of the evening fighting my 3D printer so I opted for something mindless and easy. I decided to give the rest of my Infinity figures a wash.

July Paint Challenge: Day 6

Pushing on into my Earp gang, we have the famous Doc Holiday. This rounds out the main four movie heroes and the last of the “mostly” black attired gentlemen. I’m looking forward to the more lively colored riff raft next.

July Paint Challenge: Day 5

So. Day 4 didn’t happen so this challenge was a bust but I’m going to soldier on anyway. Today I got through the last of the Earp brothers, the doomed Morgan. He was done in same style of his brothers.

Painting Challenge 2020

Consecutive Days Painting:

~ 90 ~

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Blue Squadron Death Star Simulation

Before I jumped into my Paint Challenge, I was talking about solo X-wing and the experiences I was having. I did have a report in the works and I figured I should get it out before the details turn to mush.

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