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Dry Brushing Set Right

Some time before the end of the year rush, I was able to sit down with a great painter in our Infinity group who was showing off a quick technique that he’s used with great success- dry brushing. Now I’ve been dry brushing for some time but seeing his results and technique, I see there are some critical details I’ve been missing. As much for my own benefit of documenting the technique in detail, I have it now before you.

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Skulls And Bones

Hating to let a project linger, I moved back to my HATE terrain to finish it up. I knew I wasn’t going to spend a lot of time on each individual piece so after the wash work I did earlier, I decided to pick out a few highlight details and work those in. Due to the dark nature of the game, I decided to pick out the skull and bone work on each of the terrain pieces. I under-estimated just how many of those details were around.

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Ninja Progression: A Painting Process In Black & White

Having recovered from my fuzzy primer incident, I went back to my Test of Honour Ninja figures to finish them up.  I decided to take pictures of the progress as I went along, mainly to see how things were coming out and what was actually effective for my standard table-top quality style.  I started first with the ninja hero.

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