I had some time this week to jump back into the Batman Miniature Game and complete a new acquisition, Clayface.  This is the new second edition model that is quite a bit better than their original one.  It was also super easy/quick to paint up.

The model came with two arm options and I went with the classic morningstar arm since there was no mechanical difference to which I chose.  The blade arm is interesting but not as dynamic.

I had an old colored primer that was perfect for Clayface’s base color.  This act alone saved so much time.  It had a satin sheen so I knocked it down with a bit of matte spray.

After things dried, I did some quick block painting of the mouth and eyes, using the studio paint job as my inspiration.

Now it was time for a wash.  GW’s Agrax Earthshade went on thick and undiluted.  I noticed that the matte spray didn’t quite remove the satin feel so the wash took a little bit of work to make sure it covered everywhere. For a strict tabletop look, I could just stop here but since it was so quick I decided to do a little more.

I went with two rounds of successively lighter dry brushing to even out the wash and bring out some detail.  I then went over the eyes again to brighten them up.

After that was complete, I did a quick paint up of the base and washed it in Nuln Oil.  The base took almost as long as the rest of the model because my grey paint wouldn’t adhere to the satin-coated bricks.  It took about four coats to finally saturate and finish it off.

Overall, I’m happy with the effect and it was nice to get a Batman figure painted since they usually take me forever.