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Quoth Archaon: “Evermore”

90 consecutive days of painting was the eventual milestone I reached last Friday when I set out to see how long I could keep up a painting streak. I reached a point on Saturday where I had the choice of pushing onward or relaxing into a less regimented approach to my hobby work. The temptation to “chill” was too great and I decided to end the great ride.

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April 30 For 30 Paint Challenge: Day 30

Well we’re finally here on day 30, the end of the challenge. Nothing too exciting as I just started a big project painting up Archaon the Everchosen, Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse.

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April 30 For 30 Paint Challenge: Day 29

With Infinity done I still have a lot of minis vying for attention but I turn now to one model that I thought would be the focus of this challenge until I got distracted by Infinity and ended eating up most of the month finishing up.

This model is something I’ve had for months and was probably the biggest catalyst for me to branch out into a new game system. I’d hidden him from view from my friends as I wanted to surprise them when I showed up with this badass on the field…

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