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Dropzone Commander: Special Ops Scenario 3 (500th Post!)

Yep 500. A good bit of that was due to a spike in April as I did those micro posts on my painting challenge but still 500 seems like a good bit of verbiage for this little site. And yet I feel like there is so much more to say, to pimp out, and to play.

The April paint challenge didn’t sap my desire to paint more minis (thankfully) and I got to work on a little Dropzone Commander Scourge unit, the Screamer.

I gave him a little snack (or buddy?) to play with (I will wuv him and squeeze him and hug him awwover). I thought I was being creative but I believe the idea actually came from my friend Brian as I think he did (or planned to do something similar). Either way, it was a fun and quick project that added another unit to my Scourge options (currently sitting at a massive 2 different units). I actually picked him up to try out some AI Scourge units in my solo game but I need a few more before I really get that underway.

Speaking of my solo variant, Dropzone Commander: Special Ops, I have a new mission ready which meant I needed a new board layout. This mission came from a suggestion from John Lay on Facebook and it was fun to test out. My own personal campaign took a quick backseat as I developed a few scenarios over the weekend and need to test them out before releasing them for prime time.

This one is ready to go though and I’m doing something a little different by making this scenario “linked” to another scenario. This can allow you to play it in the campaign with all the rules and development that offers or as a series of back-to-back missions in a stand alone set of games. This requires less commitment and is easier to just drop in and go.

I’ll be testing up the second mission shortly (scenario 4 overall) and hope to have it out by the end of the week. For whatever reason, Feral Vampires were really troublesome this time where before, I’d usually discounted them as a threat. I’m glad to see them come through and do some damage as I was worried you’d never need to bring AA in these solo games.



Dropzone Commander: Special Ops Campaign Play


Dropzone Commander: Special Ops Scenario 4

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  1. Russ Spears

    I do love that layout…. All the variations in height really make it pop.

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