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April 30 For 30 Paint Challenge: Day 28

Last few days of my challenge left and day 28 sees the final Infinity figure complete. Fat Yuan Yuan is ready to be sealed and officially added to the collection.

I likely mentioned this before but the model actually doesn’t serve a purpose in my army. I can’t take him in anything my faction provides so he’s really a “display” mini even though I didn’t work him up to that kind of quality.

Of course that isn’t quite true. Infinity has a need for any mini you want in the form of a high value target objectives (HVT). Most of the time factions have the figure as an anime pin-up girl and I usually use the other sculpt with the jet pack taking off but I think I’ll start using the eating version just because it is funnier. The Yu Jing faction is pretty dark in theme with its state police going overdrive. Maybe a fat merc pigging out on takeout food brings a little levity to the overreaching and hyper aggressive police state. In any case, they be done and that means I’m free to jump into whatever I want for the final two days of the challenge. Oh the choices, the choices.


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  1. Russ Spears

    The choices!

    While sealed and done, this one looks like it would be fun to tweak over time. Extra discarded food wrappers on the base popped into my mind immediately.

    Great dedication sticking to painting every day too, Christian!

    • Christian

      Thanks Russ! That is a good idea to organically add to the noodle eater. There was this little anime pig he was supposed to be chasing according to the silly mission he came with. Maybe I can find that and add it on later.

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