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April 30 For 30 Paint Challenge: Day 1

First up for my 30 minutes (at least) of painting for 30 days is the Yan Huo from Infinity.

Here he is at the start of my session. He’s been in this state sadly for probably 9 months now.

After about 45 minutes, all his heavy armor plates are base coated.

Even his little orange butt. You go Yan Huo! Here’s to hoping you get more paint on you in the future so you can join your brothers. First I have to hit all your cousins with orange armor too.


The Ruined City: Overpass


April 30 For 30 Paint Challenge: Day 2


  1. Craig

    Congratulations and good luck with taking up this challenge.
    I intend to do so myself at some point in the near future.
    I watch with interest

    • Christian

      Thanks Craig! I figure this is probably the best time to do this and my painting desk was growing beyond where I was getting comfortable but still I lacked the impetus to move forward.

      I hope you try it and best of luck!

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