With the printer still going, wanted to explore some additional terrain for Test of Honour. I’d picked up some small terrain lanterns from 3DAlienWorlds last year and was looking through their catalog when I came across a set of walls and corner castle options. Putting the two options together creates some pretty interesting large feature terrain options.

By taking the wall sections and wrapping them, you can get a traditional raised fortress and by adding the corner castles, you can complete a small outpost-like structure. I’m not well versed in feudal Japanese architecture but I think it will work well enough for my Test of Honour games.

The concept was actually started after seeing a very interesting new terrain piece from SarissaPrecision.

As you can see, I copied the layout using the 3DAlienWorlds sets. While my castle isn’t as high, it was far cheaper to print. The Sarissa Precision castle is pretty expense clocking in at $130-ish USD. The 3DAlienWorlds’ files were less than $20 together and I used two spools of material (roughly $30-$40 total depending on the quality of the spools). So altogether less than half the price for a similar terrain piece.

Another benefit of the 3D printed castle is it is modular so I can build different configurations and it makes storage much easier. Putting together the terrain was also very simple. The print time is pretty long so you could buy the SP MDF castle and put it together in a weekend or less but printing took me a week or two (not continuously printing).

I’m really happy with the way the piece turned out and looking at option to accessorize the rest of the layout to work well in games. Namely the big open space. I feel like something needs to go in the open corner to complete the look and add variety to the terrain layout.

I also have to decide on what to put outside the castle. I don’t have a flat mat that will work since I’m putting everything in black and white so I’ll need to decide how to best make that work. Ideally, a terrain piece this large will be the central feature so not much needs to be down outside the piece unless we were setting up some kind of siege scenario.

I still have some painting to clean up and add to finish out the rest of the terrain but it is definitely playable now and I’ll be working up some scenarios to put the terrain through its paces.