I’m behind on my reports as I just finished up Mission 4 from Infinity’s Red Veil set but I was able to upload Mission 3. This time, we add some fun new rules with figures that have camouflage and jump capability. The objective is the same: kill ’em all so we kind of know what to expect.

I lost the roll off so my friend took initiative and gave me deployment. I chose my side and had him deploy first. My friend is still working with his Nomad faction figures so we were proxying throughout, replacing the Haqqislam figures with as-close-to-possible Nomad ones. We dropped the power armor one we saw last game with a more skirmish-y sword wielding figure.

The Haqq deployed cautiously and were nowhere in sight so I put my Zuyong Invincible (power armor MVP from Mission 2) up on the building to try to own high ground. A purple-haired Zhanshi was up top to assist in case supercop needed backup. My other two Zhanshi were down below and out of sight.

Electing to go first, the Haqq Khawarij (in Nomad costume) went up to engage my high ground group.

The Haqq split his fire across both my troops, both of whom were not in cover. The aggression was rewarded with a hit on each of my figures but stellar armor rolls kept them alive. Emboldened, the Khawarij decided to try again but this time, whiffed the rolls and had two hits coming back at him. He made one armor save but the other shot took him down.

The rest of the Haqq turn had his mooks move up into better positions.

I tried to get my spiffy new Tiger Soldier to to surprise his backfield but blew the roll by going over my physical stat. In this starter version, a blow roll means the jump soldier has to deploy in my deployment zone. At least her order is now on the field and I can use it in a future turn.

Supercop Zuyong Invincible starts to live up to his name again, rushing the other building and getting cover while picking off a Haqq mook on the other side of the field.

It took most of my orders to get Supercop into position and the two traded volleys a few time before a victor was declared but I was now up in figure count five to three.

The Haqq still had their ace up their sleeve and decided to throw down. The Camouflage sniper climbed up to get a shot at my Zuyong Invicible. On the way up the climb, two of my figures spotted him (though we messed up the rules on that I likely didn’t make it).

Unfortunately for the Haqq, “Invincible” is in my guy’s title and he was able to outgun the sniper and take him down.

On my turn, I decide to “Rambo” some more with Zuyong Invincible Supercop. I spot one of the two remaining mooks hiding behind a small obstruction.

Easy pickin’s for Supercop. Then I run down the to the far right of the board and spot the last Haqq mook.

She’s the only one left. I open up on her with my last order.

And she goes down.

Along with all the rest of her Nomad-costume-wearing Haqqislam friends. Victory again, Rambo’ing with the Zuyong Invincible.

With this being the 3rd lopsided victory for the Yu Jing, we discussed the battle afterwards. The Haqq rolls were pretty mediocre and usually had some bad returns on his active turn. The rules are set up without all the rules available so that might be handicapping his guys a little bit as well. There were some tactical issues too like not having the camo sniper in kill position from game start (especially knowing you’ll take initiative). Splitting the fire at the first group of guys up top might have made it too difficult to kill anyone even though the Haqq had a slight advantage with cover. We also read that Haqqislam plays more to the objective game rather than going toe-to-toe with the enemy. Yu Jing definitely sees like we prefer a kill ’em all game but we still have a few missions left before we breakout the full rules.