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Finishing Off The Lanterns

I had wired up my new lanterns a while back but they still needed some finishing touches to complete them. Namely, they needed painting and some final assembly.

The painting went easily with some quick dry brushing in a few shades and then it was on to the assembly.

I could have assembled the pieces right away but I wanted to tone down the light output by lining the insides with some faux rice paper.

I experimented with some different techniques but I found that if I cut a piece of parchment paper (for cooking) into a small strip and fold the piece into a square, I could insert it into the cage.

I used scissors to make even folds straight across then a thin amount of super glue to keep it altogether. I didn’t find that I needed to glue the paper to the inside of the cage as I would glue everything to the base and roof anyway.

Folding in the top a little bit helped get the roof on with a little bit of super glue.

Repeat this three times (in my case) and I have new lanterns for my Test of Honour board.


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  1. Russ Spears

    Faux rice paper. I love it!

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