Looking ahead to our next Frostgrave session, I decided we would run the same scenario across both games to make things easier. I really like the idea of the maze-like library and theme in the The Library scenario but wanted more danger. The Haunted Houses scenario introduced wraiths and I thought that might be cool to have floating around the library, going through the maze walls like they were nothing.

I recently picked up some of the shade monsters from Descent and knew I had the scenario laid out.

I went through and almost copied completely Sonic Sledgehammer Studio’s paint scheme for GW’s Nighthaunts on his How I Paint Thing video. I ended up using the GW Nihilakh Oxide for the wraith’s body and the Nighthaunt Gloom for the clothing. Then cheap paints for the rest and Nuln Oil for the wash.

It was a pretty quick job and worked easily. I repeated it across the other wraith models and my monsters for session 2 were complete.

Well, they were almost done. I debated on what to do for the base and eventually settled on using clear bases for thematic reasons. Cutting those models off their base was really risky but after a lot of slow cutting with a razor saw, they came off and I was ready to go. The citadel holders were MVPs as they held the base while I cut the model off. Saved me a lot of headache and no cutting my fingers.

I’m really happy with how they turned out and can’t wait to see them in action later this month.