In addition to the treasure chest painting, I also did some board game pimping over the weekend. Since my wife and I finished up Pandemic Legacy Season 2 and have a good nine month wait for season 3 to drop, we thought we’d try out some of the other non-vanilla flavors of the Pandemic series, namely the Fall of Rome version.

When I opened the box, I immediately thought, meeples? I don’t need meeples! And then I remembered I had an old, dead minis game in the form of Arcane Legions that used 25mm pre-painted roman figures. After pilfering the dusty boxes, I found that I had enough to complete a lot of the player pieces and it fell into place quickly.

I was able to get enough Roman soldiers but found I had more figures and decided replace the pawn tokens as well.

I had just about everyone reasonably filled but then I came across the last role, the Praefectus Classis.

After I painted the treasure chests, I turned to one of the simple, unpainted figures from the set and painted him up simply like the pre-painted figures in the collection.

Not a stellar job but it fits in with the other pre-painted figures and will be good enough for a board game pawn.