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What Is Dead May Never Die

In addition to the treasure chest painting, I also did some board game pimping over the weekend. Since my wife and I finished up Pandemic Legacy Season 2 and have a good nine month wait for season 3 to drop, we thought we’d try out some of the other non-vanilla flavors of the Pandemic series, namely the Fall of Rome version.

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Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 Half-way Point

As part of my 6×6 Gaming Challenge, I decided to add Pandemic Legacy to try to get a commitment out of my game group to go through this game from start to finish.  We tried Risk Legacy long ago but it eventually fell apart and we never got to fully explore the game.  I’m not sure how common this is with gaming groups but the fear of opening a legacy game, permanently destroying, adding, and altering the game state but never finishing it is so heavy that I’d rather have the game sit in shrink and never played than be played half-assed.

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