I had this plan to put up this 2018 recap with charts and graphs but that felt a little too much for the first full work week back.  I’ll push that back a little bit so instead, I have some pics from another group painting session.  Like last time, my friend Reese hosted and three of us hung out, slapped paint down, and ate some good food.

I don’t have a dedicated carrying case for my Frostgrave minis so I’m using a bunch of dice cases (given to me by Reese a long time ago).  They work really well for basic 28 mm figures.

It’d be a pain to carry a whole army this way but to get a handful of figures safely from one place to the next, this works out well. A little bit of blu-tack on the bottom of mini and they are secure and ready for travel.

I was able to fully complete another of my Frostgrave warband at the session. This time it was Rupee, one of my two Treasure Hunters.

Last week, I also finished up my other Treasure Hunter, Gil.  Of the Frostgrave official soldiers line, the Barbarian set is by far my favorite.  The detail, weapon, and pose options are fantastic.

Also last week, the Crossbow brother of Osbert, Osbert, wrapped up quickly.  With these three finished, I just have my Apprentice and Wizard left.  After that I plan on finishing the bases with some snow effect and I should be ready to rock.  I have to get the rest through this week since our first planned game is coming up this weekend.