I’m still working on the farm material for the Miles Behind Us scenarios and this time we have a few more items completed. First up is an old tractor toy I picked up cheap off eBay.

While the box had seen it’s fair share of use, it was still sealed when I got it.

It’s a curious piece because it is painted in one solid color with only the black plastic steering wheel to give it any contrast.  It’ll paint perfectly for my black and white scheme and I can use it out of the box until it gets primed and ready for any real work.

As part of their “Vintage Vehicles” series, it came with detailed info on the actual model.

Which I think is on “display” outside a house just a mile or so from my neighborhood.

The tractor is a little smaller than what is depicted on the cardboard template but it is in scale with the game (at 1:43) so it will work just fine.

I was able to print out and mount my black and white boards to make the Miles Behind Us board.  Unfortunately, the map folds really mess with the image and I wonder if it was even worth the trouble.  This map is pretty bland anyway so I doubt it will see any real use outside of the dictated scenarios.

I can finally break out my painted hay bales that I made (sadly) well over a year ago.

It wasn’t all maps and scenery though. After Otis, I decided to get a jump on the later scenario figures so we have Billy Greene drying.

Patricia in a horrible iPhone shot (way to focus on the knees, Leibowitz).

And finally Hershel Greene, himself.  I only have a few more Greenes to get through and I’ll have the whole gang.  For now they can go play on a lame “farmland.”