Not much going on as my hobby time has been significantly reduced but I did find a set of minis I got right before I moved.  This is a set of Westfalia’s Halfmen Goat Riders.

Unfortunately I don’t have any other figures to scale against but these are goat-riding Halflings mounted in full plate.  I picked these up for a D&D campaign I’m in where my character is, well, a halfling goat-riding cavalier of sorts and a friend of mine shot me the link shortly after the first few gaming sessions. Once I saw the images, I knew I had to pick a set up to paint as my character as it was spot on.

The figures are on resin sprues and are easy to remove and clean.

The spear/lance parts did come in slightly bent but that is pretty typical for resin pieces and they were easily corrected using the hot water/cold water treatment.

I’ll still need to mount them on bases and start the priming/painting process but I’m pretty pleased with the character and detail each of these minis contains. The hardest part will be to determine which one of these will ultimately be the avatar for my D&D character.

It will not be easy.