Still not a lot of time the week but I did find my paints and quickly finished up the last of the hammer figures: Tyreese, Prison Advisor. Of course my camera and lighting is also still packed away as well so we’ll have to deal with the dining lights and iphone camera.

Unlike my Armored Walkers, I wanted to keep the “grey base” motif I have for all of my survivors so I repainted the black base back to normal. I still haven’t decided how I want to base all these figures so this might all change eventually but for now, he’s at least consistent with the others

Since I’m in the groove on these riot gear figures, I figured I’d start up the rest them as well- mainly so I didn’t lose the custom basing color I made for Tyreese.

The Pit grows restless but I have to find the box I packed it all in first.  I should be able to tell which box its in by the hungry moans but so far, it has eluded me. Soon though. Very Soon.