We finally completed our move and I had to say goodbye to my old gaming room in the basement.  We had it made up pretty much exactly how I wanted it (given the space confines) but the new house has none of that so I’m left with quite a spartan setup.

within these hallowed boxes lie the best games I’ve ever known…

I can’t mourn the loss of my previous comfort forever so I have to look at this as a way to build anew.  More. Better. Stronger.  There is a certain excitement in working with a blank canvas.  I’ll have to tap into that.

My friends were quick to remind me that there was a time before where my previous house didn’t have a finished basement and we made due.  In time, I will figure out this basement as well but it looks to be like it may take awhile to find my footing.  In the meantime, I have the rest of the house to set up and make livable too.