With the realization that I have a lot of Walking Dead to get through and most of my other project material is packed away, I decided to hit up the dead in earnest.

I’d been wanting to try the Armored Walkers for awhile now so I decided to experiment a bit on them.

I primed them in my dark gray, which usually turns out black after I finish up with the models.  Then I went for some line work to highlight the raised portions.

It turned out alright. It was pretty easy which is probably why it looks ok.  I think the technique is likely a lot harder and time consuming but I figured this was good enough for the dead.

They kind of turned out looking more Tron-like than highlighted armor and were a lot worse before the wash.

Luckily the wash toned it down.  From the first model picture to this one, I gradually reduced the highlight color until I was satisfied with this one, which had the darkest highlights.  As these were just testing for how to do the survivors in riot gear, I’ll leave them and just go with the darkest highlight for the four other figures I have to work up.

My last Pit outing also revealed that I haven’t painted up any of the kid walkers either.

Luckily, these went fast as they mainly have very solid and featureless clothing.

The only real detailing you need to do is with the wounds to make them gory. Non-diluted wash applied locally to the wounds seems to make quick and effective gore.

This is the first time I did the walker “white eyes” and it makes walker Duane look downright evil. I might go back over the other walkers to make ’em white eyed as well.