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Walking Dead Collection Complete

I finally have the last booster from The Walking Dead: All Out War wave 4 set and the collection is complete. Mantic has mentioned it already has wave 5 in the works but for now, I’m all caught up which means I have a lot of painting to do.

This is just the unpainted survivors.

Luckily, the pool of unpainted walkers is a bit less. It is also less important to paint the walkers since you only need so many in a game and aside from the Armored Walkers that are in the prison riot gear, they all act in the same way.

My hands haven’t been idle though and I have a healthy group of walkers at my disposal.

And I’m slowly working up my survivors. I’ve been using my Pit scenarios as a catalyst to paint several figures each week.  To dig a little deeper into what I’m looking at, effort-wise, I decided to pull a trick out of Russ Spears’ playbook and quantify what I have and what I have yet to paint.

  • Total Walking Dead Figures: 141
  • Total Painted Figures: 47

That is exactly 33% painted. To break it down further, I have:

  • Survivors: 20 of 80
  • Walkers: 27 of 61

If I average 2-3 figures painted a week, I’ll finish out by the end of the year.  Unfortunately, there will at least be one more wave coming out before the end of the year, if not more and I have several other games en route that will require painting attention as well so if I want it all painted, I’ll have to average quite a few more than just 2-3.

In reality though, I won’t need every survivor painted up so I will start by emphasizing the ones needed for upcoming Pit sessions and ones in the campaign scenarios in the expansion books.  Looks like I have my plan so now it’s time to execute.


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  1. Russ Spears

    It feels like an insurmountable task when you total everything up, doesn’t it? I fully endorse painting in prep for Pit/Campaign scenarios – it gives a good purpose on what to concentrate on.

    But don’t get burned out! I’ve oddly enjoyed not picking up a brush since finishing my last walker nigh on a month ago.

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