A quick shout out this Friday that BoardGameGeek’s monthly photography contest is up and looking for your thumbs! I have my Batman image entered so check it out if you like it and want to see it and other great images.

Life has gotten quite busy lately as we are moving so my posts will be a bit briefer as we go through all the packing and hoop-jumping that is involved with relocating, even when it is only a few miles away.

In addition to cutting my typical rambling down, I’ve decided to reign in my hobby spending a bit until things settle down.  Never content to just make a budget, I wanted to instead try an experiment: no new games until 2019.

I’ve seen resolutions pop-up where gamers decide to not buy any games for a year and aside from just reveling in the self-regulation, I haven’t seen much of a point unless you are truly have financial issues.  I feel that if you can afford it and it brings you happiness, then you should not be ashamed of consuming heavily into your favorite pastimes.

For me, it’s an experiment to see if what I have in my collection is enough to keep me happily occupied for the rest of the year. Or if there are things in my collection that I thought I would enjoy given the time but upon further evaluation, are just not that interesting anymore. So this experiment is also a sort of extreme culling of my collection to figure out what really belongs.

I won’t be going cold-turkey as I’m not cancelling any existing pre-orders or Kickstarters and I still may pick up the occasional figure or unit for my minis games but I won’t be adding any new systems or rulesets to the field or picking any new games or game expansions.  I also won’t stop buying pimping material as that is kind of the whole reason I’m here.

We’ll see if I can keep this up as I already see some interesting projects coming up that I would normally be interested in.  Below are some of the upcoming games that might cause me to fail this experiment.

Pacific Rim Extinction

This game by River Horse games is coming to Kickstarter soon.  I’m a big fan of Pacific Rim and have been wondering why the property hadn’t made it into the board game arena.  Now we see why.

Monsterpocalypse Miniatures Game

I’m not the biggest fan of Privateer Press and their questionable sales strategies but I just caught wind that Monsterpocalypse will be returning.  This time they ditch the blind booster drafts and pre-painted models.  It’ll be interesting to see if that hurts them in the launch.

Fireball Island The Curse of Vul-Kar

Also coming to Kickstarter is the reboot of the kid’s classic, Fireball Island.  This is probably the game that would get me to break my resolve depending on the Kickstarter offering.

Confrontation Resurrection

In yet another Kickstarter, this reboot of the Confrontation franchise has me intrigued.  The models for the original game set the bar in figure quality so it’ll be interesting to see if nostalgia can float this enterprise.

From the look of things, it sounds like if I just avoid Kickstarter altogether, it will be easy to maintain my resolve.  Only time will tell…