To break a bit from the land of monochromatic painting, I decided to finish up a little side projects.  First up, I completed my Lazer Ryderz Tron retheme by adding a Black Cycle to the mix.

Now I have a whole inkjet tray of them!

Also, I picked up the latest expansion for Ticket to Ride- France/Old West.  Ticket to Ride is an old favorite of ours and while I haven’t kept up with all the expansions, I like the ones that really differentiate themselves from the original games.

This particular expansion uses 6 players not in a team game (like the China expansion did) which is nice but it also puts to use the Alvin miniature from the awkward Alvin and Dexter expansion.

I avoided this expansion because it seemed so weird and random but this new set suckered me into buying it.  It is out of print which means secondary markets blew up a little on it but I found it locally without much fuss.

In another break from monochrome painting and “just cuz,” I decided to paint it up.

The model is a bit of a let down from the box cover but it painted up easy and is the better of the two models to boot.

In hindsight, I likely could have just used one of my spaceship models from Monsterpocalypse.

Ah well…