Busy week but I was able to start up a project on improving my Batman Miniature Game lights.  I went looking for a set of cheap street lamps and found a perfect set.

I quickly threw it in the cart and bought it up.  These are HO scale street accessories and I was feeling pretty good until I realized HO is “half ‘O'” scale. This turns out to be about 1:87 scale which is about half the size of what is needed for a standard 30mm minis game.  I tried to cancel the purchase but it was too late, they were already shipping.

I went looking around for O scale equivalents but they are really expensive so I decided I’d see if I could do something to make these still work.

As suspected, they are a wee bit small.  Unperturbed, I push on to see if the concept can work.

I cut the little molded light bulb off to make a hook for my actual light.

And it works as intended.  I need to extend the height on the post so I grabbed a brass rod usually used for pinning models and cut the lamp post apart.

I drilled a hole in the top of the post base to have the brass rod replace the main post.

The top of the lamp post is too small to drill and I ran out of time so I’ll have to figure out a way to mount it on securely later.  The concept is coming together a bit more though.

I have a set of metal bases coming in as well to help counter balance the weight so it’ll just be the matter of getting that top hook part connected and secured to the brass rod and then I can use some Greenstuff to sculpt the connections a little more and help mount the whole post to the base.