The weather last week was pretty great and seeing that the forecast would turn a bit colder, I used the opportunity to get the rest of my Walking Dead: All Out War minis primed.  Hopefully I can get into a routine again during the long winter nights and finish up the bulk of them.

This is just the heroes I have and while it looks intimidating, I’m only really painting the heroes I like or will use.  I went “all-in” on the Walking Dead Kickstarter campaign mainly for the full ruleset (spread across multiple expansions) and the large amount of unique zombie sculpts.

Of which, I still have a lot to complete.  I’ll likely start with the walkers again like last time though there are some Rick and Glenn models I need to paint up as well. Imagine that, finally having a Glenn model…

I was talking about small lights with some commenters on another Kickstarter I’m obsessing about, Time of Legends: Joan of Arc (check it out if you haven’t, the game is fantastic), and I got a recommendation to use these small, self-contained LEDs.

They are pretty bright and might make for some easy streetlights for Batman Minis Game or Walking Dead.  I like my current street lamps but one of them already seemed to short out so I’m looking for some alternatives and these might work with an easy lamp post frame to support it.

We found that the power source is three 1.5V batteries and the lights will still function less bright with only two of the batteries.  Not completely sure if they will work with what I have in mind but definitely a nice little find.