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Walking Dead COMIC Wednesday: Vs Mode

For this month’s comic, I tried something new by shooting the whole session at a game store.  It felt like a fitting place to do my first “competitive” session report. It went well and was interesting but I missed having the control of shooting at my home setup.

This time, my friend joined me to play through the last scenario in the Days Gone Bye expansion:

Chapter 3: Bad Blood

If you missed the previous issue, you can find it it my Comics link in the top menu.


Showcase: Last Night on Earth/Invasion from Outer Space


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  1. I’ve done a couple of video Battle Reports at my local game shop and the experience is quite different than when I film them at home. Mostly the background noise is the issue (which you don’t have to worry about), but I also have the occasional person come stand in front of my camera.

    The part that I do like is seeing people take an interest in the hobby because of a game I’m playing. Our hobby is always full of opportunities to share with others.

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