I already had these new models on the table but didn’t get a chance to properly show them off. My first official Haqqislam faction models for my Dahshat force. First up is the Hunzakut.

Still working on faces and eyes and the only way to get gud is to practice, or so I’m told. I’m pretty happy with how she turned out.

I liked the normal-ish hair and how it brightened up the whole drab scheme. She’s an infiltration unit that is usually there for objective work but I did have her suicide shot at a big TAG to help eventually bring it down.

Up next is a pretty pedestrian unit, the Fanous Remote.

My friend sounded surprised when I told him I painted him up first for my remotes but these “flash bots” are super cheap and contribute a solid regular order. They also have some nice little bonuses to their kit like the flash pulse (which can stun an opponent using the bot’s high WIP stat). They also are a repeater and have an impressive 6-6 move to scoot them along.

I find these flash bots the most useful bot in the set (usually these bot sets let you make 4 different bots). The other 3 are usually very circumstantial in their deployment. They have big guns or some other niche but I usually find that I’m also reaching for one of these flash bots when trying to fill out my list.

I have a lot more Haqq (and others) in the painting queue so I’ll need to burn some evenings getting the rest of this force painted and up on the table.