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Infinity: Yu Jing Invincible Army

I have completed my collection of the Yu Jing Sectorial: Invincible Army and wanted a complete place to show off the whole range. I can’t say that the sectorial is 100% complete as I don’t have two of the figures released under the Defiance Kickstarter game nor do I have the specialists’ set for the Zhanshi banner troops.

Regardless, it is all the functional models with very little need to proxy anything so I’m pretty pleased. I’ll update that as I go (in case they ever release the Defiance figures or resculpt them and maybe someday I’ll pick up that almost-useless Zhanshi specialist box.)

Light Infantry


Combi Rifle
Combi Rifle
Combi Rifle

Zhanshi Yisheng

with Yaozao


with Yaozao

Chung-Hee Jeong

K1 Combi Rifle

Warcors, War Correspondents

Medium Infantry

Daoying Operative Control Unit

Hacker Board Shotgun
MULTI Sniper Rifle

Heavy Infantry

Zuyong Invincibles

Boarding Shotgun
Combi Rifle
Heavy Machine Gun
Missile Launcher

Yan Huo Invincibles

Hyper-Rapid Magnetic Canon
Twin Missile Launchers

Hac Tao Special Unit

Heavy Machine Gun

Shang Ji Invincibles


Haidao Special Support Group

Combi Rifle
Hacker (Killer)
MULTI Sniper Rifle

Liu Xing Jump Infantry


Mowang Troops

Red Fury

Hulang Shocktroopers

Combi Rifle



Tai Sheng, Zuyong Invincibles NCO

Breaker Rifle

Krit Kokram

Heavy Shotgun



Heavy Machine Gun
Missile Launcher


Rui Shi
Lu Duan

Yaopu Pangguling

Combi Rifle
EVO Hacker

Tactical Armor Gear

Guijia Squadrons



Yu Jing: Hǎidào Brothers


Dropzone Commander v2.2


  1. Russ Spears

    That is a mighty (well painted) army – although I wish the pic of the whole army had a larger/zoomed version just because I’m spoiled.

    The key thing though: Did you have fun with everything involved in putting an army like that together?

  2. Christian

    Good call on the larger image. I turned off the scaling down option for that image so you should be able to open the full sized pic in another window (or download, etc).

    Thanks for the comment on them, I did enjoy painting them up. Halfway through, I switched to a more airbrushed option that I found more enjoyable. They are definitely some of my favorite models in the range. It included my first TAG and custom base (big miniature in the range with LED lighting), my first custom pose (the superhero-landing Liu Xing), and my first Infinity model to be entered into a contest (the Hulang, who didn’t win but it was fun to enter).

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