Back on to more painting, I picked up my Hǎidào units from Yu Jing and finished them off. I find that it is slow going but the main take away is that I’m pushing through and getting figures done. These two complete the Hǎidào trio as I finished up my Sniper earlier last year.

In Invincible Army (Yu Jing sectorial), the Hǎidào are extremely useful. When I started out playing around in Invincible Army, I went for the Sniper because I wanted to try out a full defensive link. While it was nice, the other options started to look more appealing as they offer some nice specialists.

The hacker on the left is actually the only Killer Hacker available to Invincible Army which makes him the only anti-hacker tech we have. The other options are all defensive in nature as they just help prevent getting hacked. I’m still not sold on Killer Hackers yet as it seems like the targets are usually much more intrenched and the effort can easily lead to you losing your hacker instead of the other way around.

The other figure is the engineer and is likely the more useful option. Luckily, Invincible Army has some good engineer options in the form of two wildcard characters but a cheap 2 wound (sort of) model is still a nice option moving forward.

With the completion of the Hǎidào units, I am one model away from completing all* the model options for the Invincible Army sectorial. I didn’t expect to get this far with the sectorial but the past year has been hit with a lot of surprises. I’ll push to get the last unit painted up so I can do a big “family photo.”

*two models for IA are from the Defiance KS so they “exist” but only to those that bought that board game. There is also a specialist pack of the Zhanshi but I haven’t counted that box set as worth getting since only one of the four models would ever be used.