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An Evolution Of Face Paintings

I’ve been painting Infinity for about 18 months now and I recently ran across an interesting site on some new techniques. The LazyPainter has a nice quick guide on painting the skin tones with face painting. I recently adopted the technique and I’m liking the results as I work out my own kinks. I thought I’d explore the results a little to see where I’ve come from and where I’m going.

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Fill My Eyes

After my first game with the Lu Duan holoecho remote, I realized I needed some holoecho markers to confuse my opponents. I don’t have any spare 55mm bases lying around but I do have this 3D printer thingie. Maybe that will work.

with that double vision

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Infinity N4: Varuna Versus Invincible Army

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With Tentfinity being successful over the past month+, I decided to make the set up a bit easier by making a new 4′ x 4′ board. Previously, I’ve been relying on a double set of 4×4 sheetrock panels but they are annoyingly heavy to move. The panels are also fragile without good support, susceptible to moisture if it starts to rain with wind picking up, and I tend to get dirty carting them around.

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Truth In Advertising

Sean was talking about spicing up our terrain for Infinity and there was a Micro Arts Studio scatter piece that I really liked so instead of picking it up, I decided to try my hand at making my own.

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Infinity N4: ISS Versus Varuna

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With Infinity N4 hitting the tent table regularly, I decided to make a little player aid. Infinity line of fire is your “from the model’s perspective” style game but like several miniatures games, they don’t want to penalize players for having odd models. All minis have an assumed volume based on their base size so that the company and the player can model their figures any way they want.

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Infinity N4: First Game

With CodeOne shelved for now, we turn our eyes to Infinity N4, the latest rule set from Corvus Belli. We started out with a smaller 200 point game to keep our game time efficient but still allow for a large enough board.

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CodeOne: Game 4 Farewell

With the new N4 rules dropped on Friday, we tried out one last game of CodeOne before we move back to the full game of Infinity.

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Tentfinity: Code One

For this weekend’s Tentfinity, Sean and I tried out the new Code One ruleset from Corvus Belli. We split a box of the Operation Kaldstrom, Beyond Kaldstrom, and Dire Foes set and read through the new rules to put this “simplified” version of the game through its paces.

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