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Walking Dead Wednesday: Barn Raisin’

After having printed up another piece of paper terrain to complete my scenery needs for the Miles Behind Us campaign for The Walking Dead: All Out War, I finally tackle building the simple barn from Stoelzel’s Structures line of paper terrain.

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Walking Dead: Farm Livin’

With my latest Pit session ending my run through of the hammer figures, I wanted to get back to the campaign side of The Walking Dead: All Out War again.  One of the things that slowed me down was getting the maps done.  Since I like using the official maps but their color scheme doesn’t match my B/W scheme, I need to scan the maps, edit them into B/W and then reprint.

FedEx Office had the scanner so that went pretty fast and was ultimately only about $3 per map when I had the machine convert it to grayscale for me.  The biggest issue is that the maps are folded even more so than from the core set and it makes for some garish lines.

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