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Escalation League End

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but not for a lack of content but maybe the opposite. Lots of things going on as I pushed through the end of the Infinity Escalation League and visited friends in Dallas but not a lot of down time to catch up. I’m trying that now as I shake off the bad leavings of an annoying bout of covid. The last Block of full games came and went and ended up being a prep for our first local tournament.

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New Block, Full Game

We are in block 3 of the escalation league for Infinity and we’ve graduated to the full game. All units are available without restriction. All rules and equipment options are available and all mission rules and objectives are in game. The only difference in games at this point are the points are capped at 250 to help people still build and paint up to this level.

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Block 2 Complete

With the conclusion of the Block 2, we are halfway through our Infinity Escalation League. This block was 200 points, no link teams, no smoke, no TAGs. Remotes were and have been available and it was a day for Rui Shi, party master remote extraordinaire.

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Finishing Out The Block

Infinity Spring Escalation League is in full swing as the last of block 1 games play out. I got two more quick 150 point games in this past week including playing against the Japanese Sectorial, which is the first time I’ve seen these units.

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I Guess You Didn’t Know It But I’m A Fiddle Player Too…

I got the chance to take some decent shots of my new Dahshat recruits for Infinity: Fiddler, Aristeia’s ex-Toymaker and Valerya Gromoz. I’m pretty sure Corvus Belli purposely put that ‘s close to the ex-Toymaker part for some additional lulz and I applaud them for the additional crude humor.

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