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With Tentfinity being successful over the past month+, I decided to make the set up a bit easier by making a new 4′ x 4′ board. Previously, I’ve been relying on a double set of 4×4 sheetrock panels but they are annoyingly heavy to move. The panels are also fragile without good support, susceptible to moisture if it starts to rain with wind picking up, and I tend to get dirty carting them around.

The Ruined City: Clean Up

With the bulk of my city planning done for what I’m now calling “phase 1”, it was time to dot some “i’s” and cross those “t’s”. Namely, I wanted to get this phase into a more finished state and it would start with the foam tiles.

90% There

In the saga of another long-term project, I am nearing the end of my Test of Honour small-game board. This 2′ x 2′ board will be used to run micro games of very small groups like my Dojo Assault scenario created last year. I finished up applying my homemade wash earlier and wash able to add some of the near-final details like dry brushing and some permanent plants.

Board Textures

With the nicer weather this week, I was able to get a little bit more done on my Test of Honour board.  First, I finished up the leveling I was doing for the dojo placement and then I laid everything out to see the progress.

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