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As Winter Turns To…

Fall? Wow, the time is just going. I must be getting old because Spring and Summer are just gone. I’m still kicking around doing what I do but things have gone more hectic as the kids get older. I think I need to transition to shorter posts so that I don’t backlog some long event and then never get to posting it.

I did get to paint up some very flexible skellies and a new big bad for my Valor homebrew game. Pretty quick and easy and got to try out some tests with the new monster before March closed the door.

His basic shtick is he charges all over the map, running his skeleton buddies over and you if you don’t dodge out of the way.

Also, it is day 266 of 2023 and…

I’ve bought some items I consider “terrain” and I had a Kickstarter deliver but no new minis for me this year yet. While I’m staying strong in that regard, chewing through the backlog remains tough. A little over 3 months to go so I’ll need to kick it in gear to try and make a sizeable dent.


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  1. Russ Spears

    Glad you’re still kickin’ buddy 🙂

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