And the orange continues! A little over 2 hours tonight to burn through the rest of my Infinity minis that need a little orange love.

We start with the last of my Celestial Guard. I would have painted her up with the other three long ago but set was mispacked and I didn’t have her upper body. Corvus Belli sent me the replacement quick enough but I still had moved on and so she languished in the bin box until I picked her back up with a new crop of minis (still a while back).

Next up is a Kanren Counterinsurgency model. I’ve always liked this pose and think he’ll be fun to paint up.

The Guilang Skirmisher is an interesting model that I have to go light on the orange with as he is a “ghost” and I’ll want to continue in theme a little in his paint scheme.

Finally tonight was the impressive Mowang. Just an awesome new sculpt from Corvus Belli and I can’t wait to finish him up and get him to the table.

I think that wraps up the orange base coating for all the figures so I’ll start detailing things out. Hopefully that will make for some more interesting photos as well.