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Ronin Complete

The journey took a while but I finally have my Test of Honour Ronin complete. Ironically, I’ve had my bandits for much longer but the ronin seemed easier, and therefore less intimidating, to paint up.

Of course that is the “before” image. Painting them went quickly and easily because I have my monochrome technique down.

Still just a tabletop standard (I’m not sure I’ve ever been interested in going beyond that) but I think the figures worked out. I’m happy with the conversions I made as it give the figures more character. The original samurai kits are really stiff and unappealing but I’m glad they weren’t hopeless.

The last three include the models with the biggest conversions: “Negan-san” as Russ has dubbed and the middle samurai with grossly incorrect physiology around the hands but at table length, his pose is really nice.

In addition to the ronin, I also did a quick Halloween paint up of the werewolf from Joan of Arc.

This paint job was super simple (especially since I haven’t done the base). It was just a few layers of GW grey contrast paint and red contrast over white eyes. Some light dry brushing on the stone to give it a different color and the werewolf was done.

Even though the werewolf is bigger, Joan of Arc’s 16mm scale and mountain of minis killed all desire to try and really paint these figures up. I’ve seen multiple people say that GW contrast paints are the way to go here and I can see its appeal. My issue is the cost of getting a large set of the paints and ultimately, you can do the same with a base coat and a wash. I have the grey and red on hand since I wanted to try the paints out but I don’t think I need more.


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  1. Russ Spears

    Although you claim the werewolf was simple, it looks really good. I’ve been enjoying those contrast paints too.

    Negan-san Forever!

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