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Working With What You Got

I talked a bit last time about green stuff usage for my Ronin in Test of Honour. After a bit of work, I was able to get through most of the figures and get them ready to be primed.

First up is a simple Ronin Thug. The equivalent torso pieces for the card art where a bit lacking so worked up some shoulder pad wings to help play the part.

We’ll see how it all turns out under the primer and it will likely hide a bit under the stark black and white pattern of the cloak.

Next is my Ronin Brute. Sorry, no Lucille callbacks, Russ, just a plain old thumpin’ stick. The only thing I needed to change was the feet as the kit seems to want their Samurai bow-legged. A little bit of surgery later and the brute has a more appealing open stance.

This extra figure had no equivalent card to go by so I played around with the pieces I had left and found that with a bit of surgery, I could get a pretty decent pose out of this stiff sprue set. I had to cut the hands off to rotate them and pull the left arm pretty far across his frame.

Some torn up green stuff shoulder plates help complete the pose. The hand-to-arm placement wasn’t perfect so things can look a bit off if you look at all angles but I was still pleased with how this one came out.

The remaining sprue options didn’t leave much so I had to improvise a little more. This time, a drunk Ronin, complete with sake gourd. The gourd was easy to do by creating two small green stuff balls and stuffing one into the hand, then shaping it appropriately. Follow that up with the second ball (with some super glue) and then shape that hourglass shape a little more.

Finally, the leader of the Ronin, Tadashi. Nothing really to do here except base him on the my standard sand approach.

I do have one final Ronin to complete but I’m waiting to my set of Masked Men to complete the head. Outside of the extra shoulder pad armor, this model came together pretty easily. As soon as I get the head from the other set, I’ll update on the progress of these ne’er-do-wells.


Preparatory Actions


Slowly But Surly


  1. Russ Spears

    I’m naming Ronin Brute – Negan-san, potentially out of spite 🙂

    Nice work on those green stuff shoulder plates. I’m envious of your steady hand.

    With the angle of the pic for the drunk ronin, I thought the sword + gourd was a long two-handed hammer at first.

    I really didn’t think about it until you mentioned it, but I traditionally think of samurai as a little bow-legged. I think it’s probably just the pants, but that’s my usual stereotypical mental image.

    Next up: Rick-san and Carl-san?

    • Christian

      Negan-san! That is great! I see what you mean on the drunk Ronin. Sword n Gourd sounds like the new type of Fighter I should play in an RPG (replacing the standard Sword n Board).

      I don’t recall Samurai being bowlegged but maybe being mounted too much would do that to them as well.

      I don’t know if I’ll find a Rick-san or Carl-san anytime soon but I’ll keep an eye out!

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