Since my friend and I are nearing the end of our Operation: Red Veil experience with Infinity, it was time to start looking at where to go next in Infinity. I already knew the first place I wanted to look was the model that single-handedly got me into the game, the Su Jian Immediate Action unit, “kitty” model.

This model really grabbed me when I was reading about the game and I knew it would be the main model I wanted. We decided to start with a starter first to get the game under our wings but now that I have this battle kitty, I’m really excited to get it painted up.

Over the weekend, I was able to get the model assembled. The model was a little fiddly and after breaking it twice just trying to get it assembled and on the base, I broke down and pinned the whole thing.

I ended up busting my small pinvise bit right at the very end but the sacrifice was worth it because the model is just so cool. I also primed the model and applied the same Nuln Oil wash then heavy white dry brushing that I did on my other Yu Jing models.

The Su Jian model isn’t enough to fill out a full force so I had to get the rest of the army up as well.

I started with a set of Kuang Shi fodder figures and a box of Celestial Guards to control them. I rounded out the set with the new Daoying controller for a solid Lieutenant option.

In another guilty pleasure moment, I also picked up another Hsien heavy infantry figure. I likely don’t need two (though it’s not impossible to field) but the figure also was such a great sculpt that I really wanted the option for the army.

With all the new figures, I have my work cut out for me but it is nice to have a bunch of models I really want to paint.