A favorite game of mine recently had a revitalizing Kickstarter to enter the digital range. I’m not sure how well a digital port of the game will do but the Blood Rage Digital campaign also offered some physical extras as well. Even though no rewards have been delivered yet, I started thinking about this game again and decided to shoot some new images.

First up is a profile of one of the Ram Warrior figures from the 5th player expansion (the retail one, not the exclusive Boar one from the original Kickstarter). I messed with the lighting and took dozens of shots but found that I liked the first shot of the session the best and stuck with it.

Blood Rage basically put CMON on the map with some of the most fantastic board game sculpts to hit the market. They’d go on to build their gaming empire off this adherence to quality plastic minis and I think this image of just one of their many figure sculpts really shows why they’ve been so successful thus far.

Here we have an Raven clan boat miniature set on Dreadfleet’s handy sea cloth mat. While the miniature isn’t as striking as a lot of their figures, it works well with minimal design. Unlike my figure profile, this session took almost twice as many photos to get right and I ended “finding it” in the very last shot of the reel. A bit of cropping in the post-edit and I like the end effect this one gives off.

The concept isn’t new as several photographers have done very similar shots with other minis and since I frequent Boardgamegeek’s image galleries I like had their images in mind even when I can’t recall exactly the image I’m pulling from. It could be that I saw it years ago and the brain just filed it away as a pleasant memory only resurface as I was composing my own image. I know I was also going for a very specific homage as well why running this session but that will have to wait until next week when I hopefully have the final work complete.